Al Rozich, CEO and Founder of BioConversion Solutions Interviewed on Soapbox

Al Rozich talks about his new book, “Other Inconvenient Truths Beyond Global Warming” and the Inconvenient Triad that is more likely to affect human civilization sooner than global warming on Soapbox, a radio podcast hosted by Rick McKenna of Wallwork Curry McKenna of Boston. Listen here.

BioConversion Solutions Works with West Point on Fuel Cell Feasibility Study

Dr. Rozich, author of Other Inconvenient Truths Beyond Global Warming and his colleagues at BioConversion Solutions are working with faculty at West Point, the U.S. Military Academy. Under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Jeffrey Starke, Ph.D., the Academy is tackling the problem of making forward operating bases (FOBs) into resource islands. Dr. Starke’s approach is to convert FOB waste and by-products using a novel technology, microbial fuel cells, into resources such as energy and water with minimum energy expenditure. Dr. Starke approached Rozich and his team about performing feasibility work to assess the potential application of BCS’ high conversion AFC2 technology to improve fuel cell performance with respect to resource production. The thinking is that the integration of the technologies may be produce a higher conversion and robust renewable system. Work is already underway with preliminary results expected late this spring.

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